Welcome to the XI Brazilian Symposium on Information Systems

"In Cooperation with ACM SIGAPP and SIGMISS; an AIS Affiliated Conference".


Date: May 26-29, 2015 Local: Centro de Aulas D - UFG - Goiânia Praça Universitária, Setor Leste Universitário


Information Systems: A Sociotechnical View of Computing

"SBSI is an ACM affiliated conference. Accepted papers will be indexed by ACM Digital Library. SBSI has also become an AIS affiliated conference."

Brazilian Symposium on Information Systems (SBSI) is an event for presentation of scientific papers and discussion of relevant topics in Information Systems (IS), and attracts students, researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs of IS community. This edition will be held in Goiânia, Goiás, in the heart of Brazil, a green city located from 200 kilometers from Brasília, the Brazil's capital.

IS are strategic for contemporary organizations. They automate business processes, provides competitive advantage by enabling analysis of scenarios, supporting decision-making processes, and the definition and implementation of new organizational strategies. They represent a large class of systems involving hardware, software, and people elements.

This edition of SBSI focus on the third element of the tripod which constitutes a system: the human aspect in its social and technical spectra. Social dimension involves the whole set of practices and culture in a work environment where an IS is deployed, ranging from social interaction promoted by the system and/or motivated by it, to the interaction between the user and the system itself. The technical aspect involves the methodologies, processes, tools, and features which give adequate support to the IS operation, and how the technical character of an IS is built.

This year's theme intends to enhance discussions on the association between social and technical dimensions of an IS. From this perspective, the IS materialize a comprehensive area of knowledge and research, culminating in a socio-technical approach to the Computing context.

Research in IS is inherently multidisciplinary, involving areas as Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Science, Management, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, and others. The application of many fields of knowledge into solutions to problems in IS motivate this theme and the event itself, advancing the state of the art of such research area, and creating a milestone in research on socio-technical aspects of Computing.

From a scientific point of view, the main contribution of SBSI is the presentation and publication of scientific papers which include the results of research of the Brazilian IS community, or foreign researchers interested in promoting their research in Brazil. These articles will undergo a rigorous selection process in which they are evaluated by at least three reviewers. Besides presented during the congress, these articles will also be published in the Proceedings available in the material to be delivered to participants. Authors of best papers will be invited to prepare extended versions of their papers for brazilian journals on Information Systems: iSyS (Brazilian Journal on Information Systems - ) and RESI (Eletronic Journal of Infomation Systems - ).

SBSI 2015 schedule includes many activities with high technical-scientific level, covering different aspects, including:

  • Technical sessions for the presentation of selected scientific articles;
  • Invited talks, with national and international experts;
  • Panel with representatives of academia, industry and government;
  • Workshop of Theses and Dissertations in Information Systems (WTDSI);
  • Workshop on Undergraduate Research in Information Systems (WICSI);
  • Selected short courses;
  • Business Process Management track (BPM);
  • e-Government Track (GE);
  • Information Systems Education Track (ESI).

SBSI 2015 will be held for four days. We expected participation of undergraduate and graduate students, professors, researchers, and practitioners in the industry. In addition, national and international researchers will be invited to give lectures on hot topics in IS area, especially in SBSI 2015 theme: Information Systems: A Sociotechnical View of Computing. We hope to see you in Goiânia!